I really do wish I was a mermaid!

You know that thing of when youve always been in to something, and then all of the sudden its popular, and youre not sure whether to be upset because now everyone likes the same thing that you do even though you liked it first (and maybe youre also confused as to why thats a bad thing), or to be happy because now the thing you like has become more available and therefor easier to attain and enjoy? Thats how I feel about this years mermaid trend. Because, I really do wish I was a mermaid. And since the closest Ill ever get is dressing like one, Ive decided Im glad of the trend. Nothing that Ive seen so far has captured it more perfectly, fashion-wise, than this most beautiful dreamy sexy spread by Luis Monterio, Sumer Verma, and Umeed Mistry, featured in Vogue Indias May 2012 issue. I could stare at this forever and ever. I want it to be my whole life. I know Ive said that before, but this time I really mean it. The colors are everything Im dreaming of right now. And how crazy is that Alexander McQueen gown?!?!?

images via VO

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