dining in color

When I was little I had this set of books about famous artists that featured these little cartoons about them. In the book about Van Gogh, it talked about how when he was struggling to make ends meet, he would buy paint instead of food. The corresponding cartoon showed a starving and glassy-eyed Van Gogh, licking his lips and picking out paint colors like lemon yellow, cherry red, egg shell, you get the idea. To this day its the only comic in the entire series that I remember. Ever since Ive paid a lot attention to both the names given to different colors, and to the color of a meal. But what about the table itself? These beautiful pain-chip table runners, combined with these three DIYs, are all great ways to color coordinate your dining experience and would make for quite a jolly dinner party: 

You could choose just one color, or do the whole rainbow--even match it to the menu! But the next party you threw would have to be all white... 

images from here, here, here, & here

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