and yet another culinary/sartorial (actually, in this case, both) blog post series Ill be following: Food + Fashion. Back in February well-known blogger Diana Moss (aka Miss Moss) put a spin on her popular art/fashion mashups, instead pairing pictures of street fashion with pictures of food, thus successfully combining my two favorite subjects to see pictures about into one neatly packaged post. Bon Apetit magazine liked it so much that they asked her to do a weekly column of said mashups, wherein the posts are linked to recipes of the food featured in the pairings.  

Its difficult for me to articulate just why I like the idea of this so much, but I know that I do. I think the concept vaguely reminds me of something from my childhood, but I cant quite remember what. Im also curious as to her process--do you think she finds the outfits first and then tries to find the dishes to match them? Or is it the other way around? Either way, I like it! 

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