im lovin it: FLORAL JACKETS

When I was sixteen years old I bought myself a sort of trench/raincoat hybrid at the gap, which turned out to be the Perfect Jacket: it went with absolutely everything! Unfortunately, over the years it had become a little worn, and didnt make the cut as I was paring down my wardrobe in preparation for the move. I also got rid of what was commonly known as my Hermione Jacket, a navy blue boys blazer bought second hand from the school shop where my mum used to work--which was fine for America but I already have a hard enough time convincing people Im not sixteen and I dont think wearing a school uniform around would help that very much. So now the only jacket I have left is denim. And its super cute and was quite a lucky find (found in the teen girls section of our then-local charity shop for fifty cents)--only, it doesnt really go with bluejeans. Or, it goes a little too well with bluejeans. You know what I mean. And these days I pretty much only wear bluejeans, because my black ones have gone all baggy in the knees and I hate that so I wont wear them.  So I have no viable jacket! But its too cold here not to wear a jacket every day. Its a problem! Im currently on the lookout for a replacement khaki colored raincoat, which is the most practical choice (this is England after all)... but also Ive been thinking that a cute little floral jacket might be jolly, and while not exactly weather-proof, it would, Im fairly certain, go with everything. Or at least, everything I own (ie, things that are navy and things that are striped). Plus, so springy it would be! Here are some I like:

from left to right, top to bottom:

I prefer the darker blazers--especially the Kimchi Blue--but I also am sort of enamored of the floral denim jacket. Only, I cant figure out if I could successfully wear it with jeans, which is sort of the whole point. I think Id need to see it in person, you know? Also, think how well these would go with a pair of liberty-print doc martens! Sigh. 

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