Now that Im nursing Felix less and less, Im allowed to drink coffee more and more. And I love it! More specifically, I love Cappuccinos. I also love popsicles. Just ask anyone (actually, just ask Chase, and hell tell you to shut up about them both already). So when I saw this recipe for Cappuccino Pops I sort of flipped out because its like, two of my most favorite things, in one thing! I havent made them yet, mostly because I only just saw this like, two seconds ago... but Im going to. What a dream!

However, I do take issue with the fact that these should more accurately be called latte pops. I think? Because it was my understanding that, while a latte is just espresso and hot milk, with maybe some foam on top, a cappuccino ought, traditionally, to adhere to a more definitive ratio: one part espresso, one part steamed milk, one part foam. Thats how I like my cappuccinos, anyway. But, in the same way that martini has become a generic term for any cocktail served in a martini glass (which I also find annoying) the meaning of cappuccino has, in my experience, been extended. Heres a handy guide to what coffee drinks should be about, if youre interested. Its useful, and I like how it looks: 

coffee pops via cupcakes and cashmere; coffee guide via twentytwowords

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