wildfox girl

well I guess Im an idiot because I didnt even know wildfox made a kids line until I saw this shoot. While I do indeed Love Wildfox, my problem is that it tends toward the sportier, more casual, dare I say more childlike end of the spectrum, and sometimes (all times but summer, basically) thats a bit of a problem for me; but obviously, thats not a problem when it comes to kids clothes. Apart from the clothing, the styling, and the photography, what I like the most about this lookbook is that the little lady modeling reminds me of my now-long-lost BFF ivy. I can even see her wearing some of these outfits. 

I wish we were together! Ivy I miss you!!!!!! 

Also, that rollerskating outfit is perfect and I wish it could be the only thing I wore forever. 

images via sweet bird of youth

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