im lovin it: TASTEFUL TIE-DYE

This is the time of year I remember how much I love tie-dye. Inherently casual and summery, its similar in feel but not quite so ubiquitous as the ombre/dip-dye trend no one can seem to get enough of these days. You have to be careful with it, though--you dont want to look as though you make submarine sandwiches for a living (which I think is true even if you do happen to make submarine sandwiches for a living, amirite?). In my opinion, its best to go with a monochrome, though there are some exceptions. I like it for mixing prints because, while technically a print itself, it isnt really a pattern as such, so it proves a nice foil for your more structured ditsy florals, for example. It would also go nicely with this seasons more tropical prints, if youre in to that kind of thing...but please, be so so careful! If youre not up to making it yourself, which really is the best, most authentic (and of course, cheapest) way to go, here are some nice examples: 
tasteful tie dye

clockwise from top left: mango, zadig and voltaire, austiquetheyskens theorytopshop 

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