clever ceramics!

As we move ever closer towards the goal of settling in our very own, filled-with-just-the-three-of-us home, I find myself paying more and more attention to the kind of decorative knick-knackery that I never had cause to acknowledge whilst we lead our pseudo-nomadic lifestyle. Like ceramics, for example. Though these jars would look more appropriate in the home I hope to have decorated some day, Im still taken with the quirkiness of these two projects:

The first, reversed volumes, is a set of bowls by Austrian design studio mischer'traxler in which ceramic powder was used to create impressions of various fruits and veg. Because ceramic powder doesnt require firing, the organic matter remained in tact throughout the molding process, their impressions authentic.

Sweeter still is dress-up: literally, a family of vases by the japanese design firm Nendo. From the back they look like ordinary vases, but turn them around and they each have their own little collars, casting them in their roles of 'heavy-set father, slim mother, and smaller child.' Just like chase, felix and me... except for the heavy-set/slim thing, of course...  

images via here & here

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