So by now youve probably already heard about Zaras new Home catalogue. Needless to say, Im in love  with it along with everyone else. With plenty of goth and baroque-inspired embellishment, the collection ranges from trendy to basic, and is overwhelmingly affordable, assuming you have the disposable income to be looking at homewares in the first place. Theres plenty to love for bedroom, bathroom, and living room, of course (plus a cracking kids collection) but Im far and away the most enamored of their tablewear, which offers such a great mix of the minimal and the ornate-- sometimes in the same product (take the vernon teapot, for example). You can also purchase sets of varietal-specific wine glasses for a mere ten quid. Remarkable! Heres what Ill be saving up for:

ah, le sigh. You know what I mean?

all images via zarahome

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