prep on the beach

Preppy isnt a vibe Im usually feeling in the fall--though, really, I think I tend towards it inadvertently all the year round. Anyway, Im digging the decidedly preppy vibe showcased in this lookbook from Svilu, a new, sustainable, locally-produced clothing line based in NYC (thats where we are right now, you guys!) The collection features silhouettes 'borrowed from the boys but designed by women' with an emphasis on 'subtle specialness.' I love the washed-out beachy background, the tortoise-shell sunglasses, the cozy, colorful jumpers, her beachy mermaid hair... and while some of the asymmetrical tops are a little fussy for my taste, overall the collection is breezy and casual and reminds me of my favorite designer, in a good way. Plus, that bathing suit! I want it!

images by Nir Arieli via here

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