Plaid on Plaid

Did you know? Tomorrow morning, Chase, Felix and I are off on our last British adventure before heading back to the states at the end of the month. First, were going to stay a week in Wellingborough visiting my Dads parents, as well as his younger sister and her family. After that, if you remember, were going to Edinburgh! And Im really excited about it! Im not really meant to do any shopping whilst were there, I cant help but think of all the tartan well find up there! Plaid, in my mind, is the stripe of the winter, in that they play almost the same roll, pattern-wise (not that I dont wear stripes in the winter, of course) and are similarly easy to layer upon themselves. Id love to visit Geoffrey (Tailor) while were in town, and see what I could pick up. But really, just watching the weaving mill in action would be incredible--looms are completely hypnotic.  

PS: dont know, but pretty sure that the internet has yet to reach my grandparents house, so this might be it for a little while (a weekish)... but stay tuned!

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