dinner dogs

Soon Ill shut up about Edinburgh... but not before I tell you about The Dogs, a delicious restaurant on Hanover street where we had dinner our last night in town. Their wonderfully affordable menu is comprised of locally-sourced ingredients prepared traditionally-with-a-twist. I loved the partially-british wine list, that you can order their entrees in small or large portions--perfect for budget-friendly-dining and smaller appetites--and how sweetly quirky and elegant their dining rooms were, while remaining incredibly relaxed and (thankfully) toddler-friendly. Felix especially loved the decor, which kept him happily distracted throughout the meal; its not called The Dogs for nothing. Dog-themed paintings, drawings, cushions, and statues were everywhere, from the moment you walked in the door. But of course, we were there for the food, which didnt disappoint! You can read the menu for yourself--it was all delicious, and a great value, but if you go there you have to try the mussels in coriander (thats cilantro for the yanks out there) and shallot reduction. They were THE best mussels Ive ever had, if not one of the best dishes Ive ever had, period. And only £5.95! Incredible!

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