dont know no doughnut

pastry-wise, English people are on top of their game when it comes to cakes, scones and biscuits (felixs new favorite word). But there are various sweets theyve either never heard of or just dont seem to care about: brownies, chocolate chip or any kind of soft cookies, blueberry muffins... the list goes on. This doesnt really concern me as I can make these treats by myself. But you know what I never see around here, that I cant dont make at home, and that I think about eating all the time? Yes, its doughnuts! Specifically, Ive been dreaming of Donalds Donuts, which we discovered in memphis right after Felix was born. They were the best Ive ever had in my life, no joke--and ever since then, no doughnut has really been good enough for me. Especially here in england; technically, I have had one since weve been here... Chef brought a package into work that he picked up at tesco. They were horrible! Too chewy, not enough jam inside, and they were sugar-coated instead of glazed. Boo. Since then Ive been wanting to erase the memory with a better one... so maybe I will try this recipe for Creme Brulee Doughnuts, on I am a Food Blog. Dont they look delicious???

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