final decline & total collapse

In this series, which consists entirely of still-lifes of lamps and chairs, underscored by thematic quotes from various writers and artists, Anthony Gerace aims, through creating a sense of nostalgic melancholy, to draw our attention to fact that the era in which we live is passing. This pefectly morbid sentiment is just the thing for the mood im in this rainy gloom; the effects of last nights fun have left me feeling more than a little sluggish and all of the packing weve been doing today (including sorting through baby baby pictures of a newborn felix), has made me nostalgic and indeed, slightly melancholy. Aesthetically speaking, Im a fan of still-life styled as portrait, and Im particularly fond of anything displayed as a specimen against a stark white (or at least, neutral) background. The speckles are a nice touch, and the soft inkiness of felt-tip is the perfect medium in which to capture musty, ornate upholstery. I think hes chosen the perfect colors, too. It reminds me a little of Frances Stark...


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