Le Air Mail

I dont want to get all preachy and pretentious about how much I love proper mail and how people dont send enough of it these days... but I think we can all agree that receiving an actual letter or card in the mail is always so sweet and special and that, really, people should do it more. For my part, Im pretty good about sending postcards while abroad, and I always try to remember birthdays in time to send people their cards... but Ill admit Im not always so good about sending an everyday letter. I think its because, by the time its written, posted and received, its contents run the risk of having gone out-of-date. Love letters are, of course, an exception to this. In any case, I love stationary and anything that makes writing an ordinary letter easier. Like this writing pad by Papier Tigre, whose sheets fold into their own sweet little envelopes. So cute! They remind me of the oragami-folded notes Id write in junior high, and of the old baby-blue-with-red-white-and-blue-stripey-edges air-mail paper my grandad used to write me letters on when I was a girl. If only this set looked exactly like that, it would be truly perfect. 

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