its better to have had cream tea and lost, than never to have had cream tea at all

Oh, cream tea. Its one of the things I always miss the most whenever Im not in England (which, honestly, is most of the time). If youve never had cream tea, its easy: hot, milky tea; fresh scone; typically strawberry jam; and most importantly, clotted cream. The reason you cant really have cream tea in america is that you can hardly ever find clotted cream there, which is a real shame because its delicious. I sometimes dream of having my own dairy farm, purely so that I could make (clot?) my own. Of course, I have found it in supermarkets in the states now and again... but its always very expensive, and in a jar, and not fresh, and basically, not. the. same. 

Its a real problem!

p.s. can you even believe that we fly away back to america on thursday? technically wednesday is our last day here, but since were heading down to visit my grandad (and get closer to the airport) that day, really its like this is our last day here. And Im getting nervous, since I havent even really packed yet!


photos by me of my last cream tea at greenstead green farm shop--delicious!

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