one day...

have you ever owned a set of proper luggage? No? Me either! Ive only ever had two mismatched black samsonite roller suitcases like everyone else has at the airport. So. boring. If I had something like this, packing would be so much more enjoyable (though secretly, I like it a lot already).

Anyway, what Im trying to say is: our packing is done, and were on our way! First to my grandads, and then on to Gatwick, Iceland, and New York for a week, before landing in Ohio for the Holiday season. And then, who knows?! (actually, we do). Soon well just be one of those boring american families like the rest of them. Ah, le sigh. But also, Im so excited! Especially to be eating some delicious Goumas Confections, which I made myself forget about for the last six months but now am preparing to indulge in, big time. Omgicantwait!

image by chris turnham via here

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