Rubber Nails

I like nail polish as much as the next girl. Only, actually, I dont like it... barring a few exceptions, the nail arts all the kids are sporting these days look cheap and tacky to me, some colors are too gross, and you cant even use it when you work in a kitchen anyway, due to health & safety. When I do wear it, a big problem I have with nail polish is that its just too darn shiny! Know what I mean? You know what I mean... But hey, take a look at this rubber-finish nail varnish from Illamasqua. Doesnt it look cool? Its all rubbery and matte. I like that! Plus since its rubber, youd think it would wear pretty well... right? I dont know! My favorite is the candy-pink devotee. It isnt trendy but I still think pink is the best color for nails, as its the prettiest and most flattering. But to each his-or-her own!

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