idontgetit but imlovinit: Chanel Resort 2013

Honestly? I find the Chanel resort collection--described by Karl Lagerfeld as Versailles in a socialist France--a little ridiculous. Its not that it doesnt look cool interesting, and as a show Im sure it was delightful, what with all the theatrically historical waterworks and sea-foam colored wigs... but in general, I think youll agree its pretty unwearable, and is the perfect example of how far the brand has deviated, under the direction of Lagerfeld, from its original philosophy of anti-opulence and wearable sophistication. Its just hard to imagine Coco herself wearing any of it, were she alive today... intriguing though it may be, it doesnt strike me as especially chic. You know what I mean? But despite all that, Im in love with the collections campaign starring Cara Delevingne (and to a lesser extent, Saskia se Brauw). Its so dramatic and marie-antoinette-y (or, bo-peep-y). Plus Delevingne is my favorite model right now, for reasons I cant quite put my finger on... she always looks like the coolest girl in school. Or something.

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